Reconcile sustain­ability and business strategies


Colgate-Palmolive needed help to crash-test and adapt the Sustainability & business strategies of 2 major global brands regarding the coming regulatory & consumer changes.



  • Analysis of their strategies on their key pillars with experts 
  • Internal Interviews
  • Additional Explorations
  • 3 experts sessions to challenge the plans, rebuild what needs to be and design action plans on the right pillars.


  • Experts hunting: In our global pack of experts, search, selection and onboarding of the best-in-class to tackle each brand’s issues.
  • Challenge and reinforcement of sustainability strategies: For each brand, 3 sessions to screen and challenge the existing strategies on Packaging, Environmental Claims and Transparency, with hand-picked experts from the pack.
  • Stakes exploration: Preliminary exploration and interviews (legal, marketing, production, consumer, science…) that the experts manipulate and harvest to animate the sessions. 
  • Action plan collective pre-design: After the Challenge session, a second one on each topic, for each brand, to redesign the plans and prepare new, bolder and faster plans.