Implement Decathlon’s climate program


Decathlon needed support in monitoring and accelerating the deployment of the 8 projects of the group’s carbon footprint reduction program.



  • Analysis, interviews, explorations, workshops
  • A dedicated Senior Project Manager with the support of a Senior Transformation Consultant and of WDNR founders


  • Challenge and reinforcement of program scoping: refine project specification (objectives, teams, KPIs, planning), define program rituals, identify interdependencies between projects, build a risk matrix, mapping influences and build a planning (milestones, group internal reporting deadlines, etc.)
  • Monitor the progress of projects: participate in regular monitoring meetings for each of the 8 projects, identify alerts, monitor planning and interdependencies, identify downgraded solution actions if necessary, create progress reports, ensure coordination with all external stakeholders in the programme
  • Manage project changes: maintain up-to-date program management tools to facilitate decision-making (risk matrix, planning, influences, interdependencies, etc.)
  • Onboarding and communication: share progress reports with project teams, share program news with impacted population through a newsletter, organise internal top-down information events