Anticipate regulatory constraints related to the cosmetic business


L’Oreal wanted to anticipate regulatory constraints related to Retail activity (all POS materials, Point of sales…) and needed our help in understanding the full and complex scope of what was enforced and yet to come.



  • EU directions based on the Green Deal, in particular, provide insight into the direction of European and French regulations
  • Review of regulations : FR – Loi Élan et audit énergétique, AGEC, Réglementation Thermique (RT) 2012 et RE2020 – décret tertiaire…)


Report and strategic recommendation including:

  • Regulatory trends that could impact the sector and the activities
  • Identify the regulatory risks that exist for L’Oreal Retail Luxe
  • List of major issues, rules and mandatory topics to cover as L’Oreal Retail Luxe