Define Médiaperfor­mance’s decar­bonation path forward


Reducing MediaPerformances’ carbon footprint on all departments by aligning with SBTi.



  • Assessment of current carbon footprint (scope 1, 2, 3) 
  • Sector analysis to identify best practices and benchmark against competitors
  • Team alignment
  • Establishment of a process for monitoring progress and regular reporting 
  • Collaboration (work sessions, workshops, etc.)


Strategic recommendations, including:

  • SBTi trajectories 
  • Strategic recommendations to motivate your teams and introduce the “carbon budget” concept within your teams in order to optimize operations
  • Roadmap to 2030 with scientific objectives aligned with SBTi requirements
  • Identifying action drivers
  • Actions to be taken, with a timetable
  • Resource requirements
  • Costs associated with each potential carbon reduction
  • Decision matrix for prioritizing specific actions
  • Partnership strategy and partner search (if necessary)