Operate a bulk solution in grocery retail


Nestle Waters needed help in implementing their idea of bulk/reuse model. They were looking for  a Proof of Concept (POC) from both a strategic and operational perspective to demonstrate the viability of the concept and then move into implementation. 



  • Breakdown of the customer journey and technical steps to carry out bulk refill (financial, logistical, operational…
  • Technical exploration of existing solutions for each step of the process, specifications
  • Business  model: pilot vs. scaling up
  • Integration of all stakeholders to de-risk the approach: consumers, brands, distributors, government authorities
  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • Benchmarking best practices
  • Greenwashing check


  • Technical design of the booth to ensure hygiene and quality, as well as the consumer experience
  • Definition of the marketing concept
  • Implementation of the pilot in hypermarkets