Building a new path for cosmetics


Pierre Fabre was looking for ways to improve a brand’s impact and regain leadership on circularity and reuse in the face of the rise of new brands (DNVB) and historic competition.



  • Exploring trends market
  • Mapping innovations
  • Exploration consumers : 10 qualitative interviews and 400 quantitative online interviews
  • Creation of the concept using design thinking methodology and workshops
  • Pre-testing of the concept both digitally (quanti) and live (quali) in “test and learn” mode


In 4 weeks, strategic recommendation including:

  • Insights users and green nudges
  • Pre-tested formalized product concept (confidential): value proposition, usage scenario and visuals, pricing, sustainable business model, financial and extra-financial KPIs
  • Marketing strategy to integrate future consumers

P&L and BP: detailed overview of costs and investments