Accelerate the decar­­bonation of RIMOWA


Rimowa wanted to improve the carbon footprint of their suitcases in order to not only be a leading player in their industry but also be a strong contributor in LVMH group strategy.



  • Challenge Rimowa initial LCA
  • Simulate a carbon footprint of key competitors
  • Challenge the roadmap (LVMH sustainable plans & European regulations)
  • Identify best practices in terms of sustainability in the suitcase industry

Team: industrial designers, life cycle analysts


Strategic recommendations including:

  • A tool to compare the carbon footprint of Rimowa to 4 competitors from Samsonite (by dismantling competitors’ suitcases)
  • Recommendations to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the suitcase on the materials, supply chain, energy consumption, distribution…etc
  • Analysis of the upcoming regulations (EU Green Deal…)
  • A first step to construct a global sustainable strategy for Rimowa