A new standard for sustainable beauty worldwide


In order to lead the sustainable change in the beauty industry, Sephora was looking to create a single international standard to drive brands in their transformation, help consumers make more informed decision and highlight the most engaged brands from Sephora’s online and in-store assortments.



  • Identify beauty’s key sustainability issues.
  • Building the standard’s value proposition
  • Brand interviews
  • Setting up a panel of experts (independent, NGO members, lobbyists, etc.)
  • Organize 9 workshops to co-construct the standard with experts.
  • Revision of program criteria for each pillar (environment, sustainable sourcing, ingredients, etc.).


A strategic recommendation including : 

  • A strategic vision for creating sustainable business strategies that adapt to the limits of the planet and the demands of the market.
  • A panel of 8 senior experts selected for their expertise in ingredients, packaging, carbon and climate strategies.
  • A framework for the panel to create the future sustainable standard¬†¬†
  • Value proposition for the standard (vision, commitment pillars, etc.)
  • Standard with key criteria for each category, weighting of each criterion.
  • Communication strategy
  • Operational plan to deploy the standard (rating / label)