6 Things to Know About Direct Air Capture

Will Direct Air Capture save us from Global Warming? 


We are increasingly seeing the effects of climate change through more damaging and severe nature disasters (flooding, wildfires, storms, etc…).

Since 1970, the beginning of industrial times, human activities have raised the atmospheric concentrations of C02 by about 90%. As a matter of fact, carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas responsible for about three quarters of emissions.

It is crucial that in every sector of the global economy, progress must be multiplied tenfold to keep pace with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Which is why we have helped Climeworks, one of the leading companies in DAC, towards its ambition to inspire and empower a billion people to remove CO2 from the air.


Here are 6 things you need to know about DAC:

1/ Direct Air Capture is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (C02) directly from the ambient air. 

2/ Interest & investment in this technology have increased due to the understanding that DAC will be needed to meet climate goals. 

3/ DAC is more costly per tonne of CO2 removed and it goes between $250 & $600, depending on the technology. 

4/ The most important federal policy supporting DAC today is the 45Q tax credit, which provides up to $35-50 per tonne of CO2 captured. 

5/ As an intended impact, DAC must not distract from essential attention and investment in other mitigation measures, especially to reduce fossil fuel use. 

6/ There are 4 main resource impacts: energy, siting flexibility, water usage, a greater need of DAC.


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We don’t need more carbon emissions, we do need positive solutions.

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