Ban new combustion engine

Say goodbye to your car… if it’s not electric. 

In 2035, the European Union will definitely ban new cars with combustion engines. The EU made a deal that will require carmakers to reach a zero-emission target by 2035. Which is part of the course to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

A big and unprecedented transition is coming, for one of the EU’s most controversial proposals when it comes to the environmental policies and economical impact.

However the deal was criticized, suggesting it could lead to a buildup of old cars rather than new generations of potentially more efficient ones.

As Jeans Gieske, a lawmaker and negotiator from the conservative European People’s Party said: “After 2035, our streets might become full of vintage cars, because new cars are not available or not affordable. ”

We are convinced it is time for the private sector to rise to the challenge. That’s why we support positive solutions such as:

  • Verkor: is developing a range of sustainable batteries to accelerate the industrial dynamic of low-carbon battery production in France to serve the European market.
  • Tolv: develops electric retrofit kits, which make it possible to transform thermal vehicles into 100% electric vehicles.
  • Hopium: is the leading French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen vehicles and a player in low-carbon mobility.

We don’t need roads, we do need bold moves.

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