COP 27 – Mangroves

We are very proud to support and equip the Mangrove Breakthrough in catalyzing financial flows starting today at COP27.

Launched today at #COP27 together with the Global Mangrove Alliance, the Mangrove Breakthrough is a science-based, measurable, and achievable goal for non-state actors and governments to collectively restore and protect mangroves at the scale needed to secure the future of these vital coastal forests.

This will be achieved by catalyzing financial flows to broadly activate proven solutions and mobilize action on the ground as part of the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda—a key roadmap to deliver on the #RaceToResilience.

At the time of release, current signatories to the Mangrove Breakthrough include:

Conservation International, Blue Forest, World Wildlife Fund, Earth Security, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Wetlands International, Ocean Risk Alliance, the Nature Conservancy, Pew Charitable Trusts, Rare, National Audubon Society, Bangladesh Environment and Development Society, Blue Ventures, Fair Carbon, Gallifrey Foundation, Global Wetlands Project, Invemar, Mangrove Action Project, IUCN Mangrove Specialist Group, Shenzhen Mangrove Wetland Conservation Foundation, Smithsonian Institution (scientific partner), University of Queensland, the Zoological Society of London, World Economic Forum and Friends of Ocean Action,, Salesforce.

For more information, click on the following link:

We don’t need roads. We do need to save biodiversity.

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