For your business to survive, you need urgent solutions.

We truly believe that the companies are key to accelerate the necessary change and offer a livable planet. A good example of it: Elow, an innovative solution that enables you to measure and reduce your digital carbon footprint.

While technology can do amazing things, it can also unfortunately be a source of negative impact on the environment. However it can also be an essential tool to address the climate crisis. For that, Elow believes the first step is changing our habits and our relationship with energy.

For that, they reduce our emissions via the display of the energy mix in order to change our habits and accelerating the energy transition by offering to subscribe to green energy offers.

They needed to realign the company’s strategy into a brand that brings to life a pivot from a B2B SAAS platform to a B2B2C holistic renewable energy ecosystem. 👀

We did a strategic and visual redesign of the brand. From CSN Energy to Elow. Which included a clarification of the client’s key value propositions and USPs, the creation of the new commercial Pitch Deck and a new brand platform. Additionally we activated their brand at key touch points with a new website UX/UI, a video manifesto, marketing materials, product…

The outcome was a global transformation of the brand to assert itself as a player in the energy transition in a competitive environment. You can check out their new website to see the new brand live! .

Thank you Promise for your trust and thanks to all the Elow team for the constructive exchanges.

We don’t need roads, we do need big ideas.

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