Event Decarbon. “Les strategies net-zéro sont-elles mortes ?”

If you don’t address the climate crisis properly, your company will probably disappear.

Our speakers spoke about this topic during our last conference “Decarbon, les strategies net-zéro sont-elles mortes ?”. Emmanuel Cibla, environmental sustainability strategy leader at Décathlon, explained:

“The challenge for a large group like Decathlon is to exist in 20-50-100 years, so we have to ask ourselves what are the big icebergs we might hit in this trajectory? And the ecological transition is clearly one of them.”

That is why we must engage our companies in carbon plans.

Business-as-usual is dead, technology won’t be enough to save us. Julie Gosalvez, CMO of Climeworks, the leader in direct air capture, insisted that:

“Emissions reduction must come first, and drastically.”

The companies she works with are almost all SBTi validated and are aiming for 90% reduction in their CO2 emissions and 10% removal from the atmosphere.

If you want to know more about what our speakers shared on the decarbonization challenge of our economy, here is the replay of the event we organized on June 9th with Emmanuel Cibla, Rachel Delacour, Julie Gosalvez, Vincent Vevaud and Magali Payen. Thank you all for coming. It was inspiring to hear from you.

If you are willing to accelerate or initiate your transition, we can help you. We act as critical friends to guide you from a to z to reinvent business-as-usual, regain leadership while positively contributing to the planet.

We don’t need roads, we do need carbon plans.


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