Fossil fuel demand

Is the energy crisis boosting renewables? 

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we are living an unprecedented global energy crisis. The IEA (International Energy Agency) published its annual World Energy Outlook 2022 (WEO) announcing a historic turning point for the energy transition.  (1)

For the first time ever, even the most conservative scenario based on prevailing policies predicts that fossil fuel demand will reach its final peak to then plateau or decrease within this decade.

In succession, coal use will drop in the next few years, natural gas will plateau by 2030, and oil demand will level off due to rising EV sales by the mid-2030s.

Will this crisis be a boost or a setback for energy transitions? Could the crisis motivate greater investment and innovation in renewable energy technologies, leading to a faster transition away from fossil fuels?

Ultimately, the impact of the energy crisis on energy transitions will depend on the actions taken by governments, individuals & specially the private sector.

At WDNR, we would love to shed some light on bright initiatives coming from the private sector

  • VARO energy: produces, stores and markets a wide variety of energy solutions to its customers.
  • Beem energy: offers solar panel kits to produce your energy easily and instantly.
  • Sweetch: produces large-scale, permanent, 100% clean electricity, through INOD® technology from osmotic power

We don’t need anymore crisis, we do need a sustainable future.

(1) World Energy Outlook:

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