Phoenix Expedition x WDNR

To save our lands, let’s start by saving our seas.

For the World Oceans Day, we wanted to highlight an initiative in which we strongly believe.

Phœnix Expedition is the first sailing expedition for the regeneration of the ocean. They want to help and accelerate concrete solutions that are found in the ocean and that can help us to take real action to face the ecological emergency. And At WDNR we are proud to support them and help them accomplish their mission.


  • Slowing down & mitigating the climate crisis

Marine ecosystems are huge carbon sinks, produce oxygen and protect coastal communities from storms and erosion. Regenerating marine ecosystems ensures the ocean’s capacity to regulate the climate and thus will help us to mitigate the effects of climate change.

  • Alleviating the collapse of biodiversity

Marine ecosystems are hotspots of marine biodiversity. Marine species use these areas to seek refuge, to reproduce, to forage etc. By enabling the regeneration of these habitats, we can help life in the ocean to recover.

The objectives of Phœnix Expedition are to:

Meet & Share 🤝

They will meet 6 marine ecosystem restoration projects between France and California. The objective is to discuss with those who are behind these regenerative initiatives in order to better understand and share their actions.

Document & Broadcast 🖥

They will share ocean regeneration solutions with as many people as possible through their blog, social networks and web-series. Each project they meet will have a dedicated episode where you can virtually embark to discover them.

In the current context of climate crisis, collapse of biodiversity and social inequalities, alerting is no longer enough. It is necessary to develop and highlight concrete solutions, on the ground, based on living beings and which work. These missions are at the heart of the raison d’être of Phœnix Expedition.

So if you want to join this adventure, check their website and follow their journey live.

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