Sustainable Brands in San Diego

The world will become 100% sustainable. To survive, we do need to end business as usual. Hopefully, we are all part of the solution.

Our co-founder Guillaume met sustainability global leaders last month at Sustainable Brands in San Diego, to talk about the future of regenerative business, brand transformation, the future of Purpose and how sustainability has become an absolute emergency for global brands.

Companies need to decarbonize their core business and imagine new sustainable business models to become “future-proof”.

At WDNR, we have a solution: thanks to our pillar TRANSITION, we can help you understand what needs to be done internally and externally to lead your positive transformation. We improve your core business within the planetary boundaries and we create new business models/ sustainable products and services.

We connected the dots with Logitech, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Mars, Target, Estee lauder, Electrolux, Kraft-heinz, Ibm, Mattel, Nestle and many others. Many leaders grab the bull by the horn, now let’s take action fast and bold!

We don’t need roads, we do need bold moves.

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