Sustainable fashion

How to dress to impress by helping the planet?

Pollution from the fashion industry has skyrocketed in the last few years. Not just because of overproduction but overconsumption too. Between 2000 and 2014, global clothing production doubled. Besides, 130 billion of clothes are sold worldwide per year alone. Consequently, the fashion industry represents 10% of global GHG emissions.

In fact, fast fashion has become a booming industry. Where it’s all about micro-trends and mass production. Where it’s all about collections of clothing that follow the latest trends that are designed and manufactured in an accelerated and low-cost manner!! Not the most sustainable way forward.

At We Don’t Need Roads we are convinced that economy can be a force for good. So can the fashion industry. There are already many positive solutions shaping a more sustainable fashion industry.

Here are some inspiring solutions:

  • FAUME, they enable brands to easily operate in the second-hand market (they just raised 7 million euros).
  • NEW BRANDS, they simplify the production process to reduce environmental impact for an in-depth transformation of the textile industry.
  • FAIRLY MADE, they get you a full overview of your products impacts on sustainability, transparency and traceability.
  • CORAIL, they are local, 100% vegan-cruelty free, 100% recyclables products.
  • VEJA, they have a sustainable lab for reparing & recycling the brand’s products.

It’s not just the private sector that needs to evolve, it’s also us as consumers. Here are some key solutions for you:

  • Fixing over throwing the products you already own,
  • buying less,
  • Think quality over quantity,
  • Prioritise eco-friendly products,
  • If buying, think second-hand,

Positive Solutions must become the norm in the fashion industry, it is not too late to act!

We don’t need roads, we do need to accelerate the sustainable transformation.

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