The Green deal on agriculture

You’ll lose 25% of your income if you don’t comply with the rules of the green deal.

This is what is going to happen to the agricultural sector by 2030.

Seems like a lot huh ?! As Pascal Canfin says “There is no other profession today with 25% of its income conditioned on his green practices. This proves that we have set the bar quite high.”

But the #GreenDeal is not about penalties, it is mainly about rewards.

Rewarding farmers that are doing good, encouraging every effort and good action.

Because it is vital to change now.

For instance, by 2022, every farmer will be able, through carbon farming, to make money by stocking carbon in their soils, forests or wetlands.

And as you know the price of carbon is constantly increasing.

If you are interested in what is going to change due to the green deal, here is a video of Pascal Canfin focusing on the agriculture industry.

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