The Green deal on finance

A company that does not have a credible 2-degree plan will be considered as a risk.

This is what is going to happen with the #greendeal.

That is why we believe the radical transformation of our economy will happen no matter what.

Europe knows the importance of this transformation and is ensuring its acceleration with the #greendeal: 54 laws that are going to lead us to a sustainable economy.

Finance is no exception, the European Central Bank is already acting to ensure that banks take into account the climate crisis as a systemic risk to the economy. The new European regulation makes it mandatory for the most polluting companies to sign up to a 2-degree transition plan and at the same time, Europe is negotiating prudential rules for banks and insurers.

In a way, we are going to put on the same level financial and extra-financial reporting.

As Pascal Canfin told us: “It is absolutely transformational”.

To learn more about the impact of the #greendeal on finance, here is a replay of the event we organized with Pascal Canfin.

We don’t need blablabla, we do need bold moves.

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