Economy will be sustainable or won’t be. For companies, the question is therefore simple: How to run your business in a world that is becoming 100% sustainable?

Here’s how: by transforming itself deeply, with very ambitious objectives that are up to the challenge and aligned by everyone internally.


At WDNR, thanks to our pillar TRANSITION, we can support you in this crucial step. Here are, for example, the questions to ask yourself step by step for a successful internal transformation:

1/ Is the transformation well structured?

Internally, the project has to be properly structured for a successful transformation. We talk about the COMEX implications, the objectives, the project organization & the tools to be used.

2/ Are the organising teams properly prepared?

Before getting started, it is crucial for the project that the team in charge of the organization is well aligned. This will smooth the transformation process.

3/ Is the entire organisation aligned and motivated?

Communication is key. You need to make sure that the employees are well aware and understand the project; and more important that they are motivated.


Asking yourself all these questions is essential if you want to move forward. To find out more about the different stages and especially the resulting actions to be taken to complete your transformation, do not hesitate to contact us.

We don’t need roads. We do need to kill business as usual.

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