Transition – Understand your new playground

The world will become 100% sustainable. To survive, we do need to end business as usual.

Companies need to decarbon their core business and imagine new sustainable business models to become “Future-Proof”. But lucky for you, solutions exist. Thanks to our pillar TRANSITION, we can help you understand what needs to be done internally and externally to lead your positive transformation.


To achieve that, we always start by helping you master the key impact & business challenges of your new playground:

1/ Consumers/Clients exploration: looking for key insights and nudges of your target audience,

2/ Market exploration: looking for sector trends, innovation & competitors benchmarks you would need to consider (with a key focus on sustainability of course),

3/ Regulations exploration: looking to understand and integrate what’s coming at you and will impact your business in terms of laws and regulation,

4/ Internal exploration: looking to deeply master what is making you unique.


All our work is based on methodical research: Internal interviews, interviews with experts & partners, bibliographic research, field explorations, co-construction between the WDNR team + the experts of the pack.


And at the end of our study, we give you concrete and actionable recommendations:

  • Consumer journey
  • Competitive mapping, SWOT, positioning to be taken
  • Regulatory note, points of attention and red flag


Understand your new playground is of course the first step of our tailored menu to help you to become positive contributor & “Future-proof”.


We don’t need roads. We do need bold moves.

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