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What does temporary work have to do with positive impact?

Social justice. Temporary work remains a taboo subject for customers, and an uninspiring world for partners. It’s often related to unstable, unsafe, unfair work. However, it can become a powerful tool to bring more positive perspectives and life to a lot of workers and companies.

So when Iziwork came to see us to ask us to help them improve their brand image, create preference in this very competitive universe… we saw here an opportunity to turn them into a catalyst of social justice. We were delighted.

They needed to operate a full rebranding of the company that would crystallize, consolidate and accelerate their positive impact ambition and mutation . 👀

We did a strategic and visual redesign of the brand including:

  • New brand platform: vision, mission, engagement pillars, guiding principles
  • New visual identity: logo,fonts,colors, pictos, photos
  • New language guidelines: brand personality, tone of voice, lexicon, key messages

The outcome was a full mutation of an up and coming tech actor of the temp work industry into a torchbearer of social justice through work. The new brand is integrated in key touchpoints of the brand with a clear rebranding activation strategy.

Thank you Nicolas Hurbin for your trust and thanks to all the Iziwork team for the constructive exchanges.

We don’t need roads, we do need future-proof brands. 🚀

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