We are activist-entrepreneurs.

We are not just activists. We are not only entrepreneurs. We are activist-entrepreneurs and we are on a mission to turn the economy into a force for good by scaling positive impact.

We all come from the global corporate world (P&G, Nestlé, Google, Publicis, Sustainable Brands…). We’ve guided companies on how to maintain their business in a digital world for the past 20 years, we’re now helping them to reinvent their model within planet’s limits and scale their positive impacts faster.

And it is precisely because we know the private sector very well that we are convinced that companies and investors are key to accelerate the necessary change and offer a livable planet.

But being experts in our fields cannot be enough if we really want to change things. This is why we are also activists. Each of the members of the WDNR team, from the founder to the intern, feels involved in our mission. We carefully choose the topics we cover. Our ultimate goal will always be the respect for our planet and people. This is why we are particularly proud to be B-corp certified, for example.

It is clearly the combination of these two principles that allows us to make our mission a reality.

If you want to discover more about our convictions and our methodologies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We don’t need roads. We do need bold moves.

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