Welcome Arthur.

At WDNR, we are just getting bigger and bigger.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Arthur is joining the team!

Arthur is a renewable energy engineer specialized in process engineering and has worked on projects related to positive impact. At BlueFloat Energy, his role was to develop floating offshore wind projects in France and to calculate the carbon footprint associated with the deployment of the multiple components. During his studies, he also participated to the development of GhostNetWork, an organization dedicated to protecting the oceans by removing ghost nets and discarded fishing gear from the sea, following his passion to preserve the oceans.

At WDNR, as a Sustainable Project Manager & Strategy, he will strengthen our team to transform the private sector to address the climate crisis. He will support companies’ acceleration on their sustainable transition.

We are so excited to have him among us. Thanks to his commitment to innovation, he is ready to put his strengths to reinvent business-as-usual.

Welcome Arthur, let’s scale Positive Impact

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