Welcome Marie Hegly

At WDNR, we are just getting bigger and bigger.

It is with great pleasure to announce that @Marie is joining the team!

Marie is an economist and has assisted the management of major accounts (Andros, Suez, Danone) on strategic development issues, in France and abroad. Such as managing the Cambodian subsidiary of the SME Les Vergers du Mekong. She created the “Living Lab d’Alimentation Durable pour la FoodTech” as a collective innovation project around climate issues in the food industry.

As a Sustainable Project Manager, she will strengthen our team to transform the private sector to address the climate crisis. She will support companies’ acceleration on their sustainable transition.

We are so excited to have her among us. Thanks to her commitment to innovation she is ready to put her strengths to reinvent business-as-usual.

Welcome Marie, let’s scale Positive Impact

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