What on earth is WDNR doing ?

If you are still wondering what We don’t need roads is, what we actually do, or even why this strange name, don’t panic, here is the answer presented with talent by our co-founder Rija.

Everything is said in the video, but if you ever want to watch it later, here is a summary of what Rija tells you about WDNR (but don’t forget to watch it anyway, huh? )


We are convinced that our world will become 100% sustainable. So we do need a radical transformation of our economy. Compagnies that won’t adapt, won’t survive.

At WDNR, we are activist-entrepreneurs and we are on a mission to turn the economy into a force for good by scaling positive impact.


To achieve our mission we have 2 pillars of actions: TRANSITION AND SCALE

  1. With TRANSITION: we support brands & companies that generates negative impact to rethink their model, decarbonate their core business, deploy robust sustainable plans. All in order to reduce their impact and ideally generate positive impact.
  2. With SCALE: we scale up positive impact solution/project/business with our business and marketing expertise (strategy and activation)


As we can’t do this alone, we move as a pack, backed up with an ecosystem of experts. We act as critical friends to guide you from A to Z.

We already achieved 50 missions in our first year so don’t hesitate to contact us to know more (or simply to congratulate Rija on his pitching skills ).


Let’s build and scale up positive businesses to shape a new sustainable world.

We don’t need roads. We do need bold moves.

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