What would we do without water?

With this year numerous and frequent episodes of drought, asking this has become urgent.

The water resource available per person and per year, in France, could be divided by 3 between 1950 and 2025.

Last July was the driest July on record since 1959, and the third hottest month. It is a fact : We need to act now to find solutions against chronicle droughts.

The good news is that at WDNR we are convinced that the private sector can be a force for good and will be a key element to go fast and make the change possible where it counts !

Some promising solutions already exist :

  • In France, 20% of the water never reaches the taps. The startup Protecto therefore offers a connected object that detects leaks in networks in real time in order to put an end to this waste for individual and professional.
  • Renasys) has developed a revolutionary advanced liquid, water, wastewater filtration solution that eliminates 99% of wastewater contaminants, removing all particles above 5 microns, regardless of industry, scale, or wastewater composition.
  • Biomae is a French laboratory that has designed an innovative method to assess chemical contamination and toxic effects of micro-pollutants

It is not too late to prepare ourselves for the challenges we can overcome together.

We don’t need to be dry of ideas, We do need bold moves.

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