Cosmetics and Reuse : Coalition Reaches New Heights

Cosmetics and Reuse : Coalition Reaches New Heights

Luxury brands join forces to drive reuse practices in the cosmetic industry.

Our coalition, co-led with our partners Circul’R, on “Cosmetics and Reuse” (#ReCosm), is now reaching its episode 2.

Now engaging luxury brands such as Groupe Clarins, CHANEL, L’Oréal, SEPHORA or NOCIBE among others.

Our director Arnaud Lancelot joined the first gathering and working session hosted at La Maison du Zéro Déchet to initiate the work on that vertical after the launch we had in November for the “mass market” vertical.

Our goal is clear. To create a global system for reuse in the cosmetic industry. With a pilot project launched by the end of 2024.

Thanks to all the brands involved.

Thanks to Circul’R for this inspiring collaboration.

Let’s get to it.