From Linear to Circular: Arnaud’s Vision in our podcast

From Linear to Circular: Arnaud’s Vision in our podcast

Explore our Reinvention Director approach to zero waste in cosmetics.

Our first podcast episode is out !

Arnaud is a pioneer of the circular economy in the cosmetics sector. He is the co-founder of Cozie I Certifiée B Corp & Cosmébio, a cosmetic brand that has been leading the charge in zero waste in the industry. Thanks to two major innovations: a deposit-return system for washing and a patented bulk dispensing equipment for cosmetic care.

Arnaud joined us at We Don’t Need Roads to accelerate our efforts on our Reinvention pillar, advising companies in rethinking their business models through new scalable solutions, with a first focus on moving from a linear to a circular model which is a major step to achieve fast.

He is also a member of the board of directors of Réseau Vrac et Réemploi, a French association that promotes zero waste and bulk buying. He also has been supporting big and small companies for years on finding and launching operational solutions to embrace circularity.