We do need to talk about biodiversity!

We do need to talk about biodiversity!

Webinar Recap: How companies can take action on their impact on biodiversity.

We held our webinar about “why and how companies can take action on their impact on biodiversity”. Hosted by our co-founder Jeanne Rives, alongside our climate consultant Arthur Félétou and our guest Marie VIGIER from AFNOR Certification.

Beyond the pressing context of urgency vs our economy’s impact on biodiversity, we also reminded our audience about the pressure that exists and will be increasing on companies to take ownership and tackle their impact. Especially coming from the regulatory landscape. Companies simply can’t ignore it or they are putting their business at risk starting today. (Thanks Marie for sharing your expertise on this)

We also shared our expert view, backed with methodologies and concrete examples and tips, on how companies can concretely start taking action in understanding, monitoring and reducing their impact on biodiversity. Opening on the need to take an even further step reinventing companies’ business models.

If you want to find out more by watching the replay of our webinar, please fill this form to get access to it: https://lnkd.in/e6f9Q8XN

and if you want to work with us on the matter, do not hesitate to reach out on hello@wedontneedroads.io