CSR positioning, strategy & roadmaps

Turn your DNA into a sustainable-action-triggering roadmap.

What we do

Create a DNA-focused and impact-relevant Sustainability strategy and roadmap.

Combining our sustainability expertise, our brand strategy skills and our operational capabilities, we provide you with a unique support to define the most relevant and differentating CSR strategy and roadmap to engage your whole value chain in the acceleration of your sustainable transformation.

Our process


A signature methodology, at the cross road of sustainability, brand and implementation, to equip your organization with the right roadmap to make your business resilient.


6 months, divided in 3 main steps:

  • Value chain ambition exploration (incl. stakeholder engagement) (identify key stakeholders in your value chain, classification and identification of internal/external contacts and experts (academics, NGOs), market / customers / consumers exploration, exploration of existing and upcoming regulations to consider (NA/FR focus) – AGEC, CSRD, CSDDD)
  • Positioning writing
  • Strategy and Roadmap writing with alignment workshops to initiate co creation and alignment of the BSR strategy and roadmap


  • Assessment of Your Strengths, Areas for Improvement, and Operational Blind Spots
  • Risks and opportunities vs regulation
  • Opportunity areas mapping
  • Sustainability positioning (vision, purpose, engagement pillars, guiding principles)
  • Sustainability Strategy with key pillars, KPI’s
  • Clear action plan and roadmap with concrete actions, owners, targets, agenda & kpi, as well as Opex & Capex which can be reported in EU Taxonomy
  • Dashboard and scorecards which translate the global roadmap