CSRD data collection & reporting

Be more than compliant with our action-triggering support and methodology.

What we do

We guide, support and accelerate your efforts for a compliant and transformative CSRD report.

We bring you expert guidance, hands-on support and action-focused thinking in order to achieve a compliant and audit-proof reporting that will be the foundation of your sustainable transformation.

Our process


A signature methodology that ensure a compliant and audit-proof reporting while creating the right foundation for transformative actions. All in all to showcase progress year on year and make your business resilient.


From 8 to 11 months, divided in 3 main steps:

  • Implementation (incl. gap analysis)
  • Data Collection
  • Reporting (incl. roadmaps)
  • Training of your teams


  • Gap Analysis
  • CSR Strategic and Operational Roadmaps (incl. KPIs)
  • Data governance, tool set up and data collection
  • Compliance Roadmap and audit support
  • Employee Engagement Program
  • Report Creation (Writing and or design)