Double materiality analysis (CSRD phase 1)

Provide you with an action-oriented approach to this crucial audit of your business as part of CSRD.

What we do

Help you prioritize what matters to transform your business.

A unique process and consulting journey that gives you a clear and actionable vision on main priorities to focus on to make your business resilient, and also provides you with opportunities and related actions to start your transformation journey.

Our process


A signature methodology that fully engages your key stakeholders (internal and external) in order to provide you with a pragmatic and action-triggering analysis of your business.


4 months, divided in 2 phases:

  • Flash Diagnostic (1 month)
  • Double Materiality Analysis (3 months)


  • Identification of the main ESG issues in your sector and issues specific to your company
  • Study of your perception of the issues and your ambitions
  • Assessment of the company’s maturity level for each CSRD ESG issue category
  • List of non-material subjects and justification of non-materiality
  • List of Impacts, Risks, and Opportunities (IROs)
  • Impact and financial rating
  • Interactive Double Materiality Matrix