New business model creation

Reinventing business as usual with a concrete sustainable solution.

What we do

Designing a new sustainable offer for your business.

Thanks to our innovation and industrial design expertise, we can provide you with a comprehensive innovative process, from exploration to launch&scale, in order to implement a new business model that is not only sustainable but also feasible, viable and desirable.

Our process


A signature methodology, mixing innovation best practices, sustainability requirements and business expertise in order to provide you with solutions that are truly sustainable, viable and scalable.


From 6 to 12 months, divided in 3 main steps:

  • Explorative Opportunity Assessment (Based on immersion, market research, customers, consumer needs and trends, regulations, competition, future partners, benchmarking global solutions, inspiring key solutions that work, business model analysis, analysis of your brand…)
  • Concept and Test (With in-house ideation sessions, to create business opportunities and sustainable, viable, scalable solutions in line with your ambitions and creating key elements: business modeling, targets, impact, experience desirability, value proposition, assess the technical, financial, and operational feasibility of each concept….)
  • Launch to Scale (Consolidation of all key elements to prepare for launch: value proposition, Go to Market strategy, sustainability, costs, business modeling, logistics, consumer experience, customer requirements…)


  • Innovation solutions mapping
  • Identification of potential external allies and partners
  • Key business opportunity mapping & strategic recommendations
  • Value proposition, Scenario, mock-up, visuals, Sustainable business model (w. eco-social positive impact), Success metrics and kpi’s, Partnership
  • Prototype testing plan
  • Solid complete pre-tested MLP (minimum lovable product)
  • Financials and Business Plan: a detailed business plan for the next 3 to 5 years;
  • Go to market strategies: a launch strategy & a global deployment roadmap worked with you and your teams (including pre-industrialization).