Reinvention opportunity assessment

Derisking your transformative way forward.

What we do

We explore the opportunity area you’d like to embrace to derisk your path forward.

Using holistic exploration to provide you with a clear understanding of the reinvention opportunity you’d like to implement.

Our process


An internal and external exploration, incl. consumer insights, competitve benchmark, regulatory watch and innovative sustainable trends, to provide you with a solid derisking opportunity map.


4 weeks including:

  • Explorative Opportunity Assessment (Based on immersion, market research, customers, consumer needs and trends, regulations, competition, future partners, benchmarking global solutions, inspiring key solutions that work, business model analysis, analysis of your brand…)


  • Innovation solutions mapping
  • Consumers insights and levers highlighted in a mapping, personæ targeted
  • Competitor mapping
  • Regulatory executive summary
  • List of golden rules to follow a few best-in-class to draw inspiration
  • Executive summary to identify the best business opportunities in terms of operational model (target, geography, Go-to-market…). First emerging territories of concept.