Unlocking adaptation project

Solving your sustainable challenge with implementation.

What we do

We create the right project that solves your challenge.

We will assign a WDNR project manager to your organization to help you diagnose and define strategic directions. It will be supported by our in-house teams and our pack, so you can benefit from all our in-house WDNR capabilities.

Our process


A unique program designed to help you identify and prioritize key topics along the way, in order to unock and accelerate your adaptation project.


3 – 12 months including:

  • A dedicated Senior Project Manager
  • Processes, key documents & initiatives analysing
  • Internal Interviews & collective workshops
  • Working sessions
  • Support with project communication to engage employees and convince sponsors


  • Project Team Management in order to accelerate and build a commando team: facilitation & structuration of internal work methods
  • Project Framework Enhancement through co-construction sessions with both the operational team: listing and monitoring of key task forces (goals, KPIs, scopes, resources, roadmap, risks, members roles).
  • Roadmap Formalization
  • Progress Reports to Top Management