COP27 stakes & consequences

When your friends are turning your ideas and intentions into actions, the best you can do is to share it.

Most of you probably read already about the historical yet schizophrenic agreement made during COP27 around a global fund for “lost & damages”. But what does it mean concretely for us in the private sector? How can we help?

Thanks to our partners from Axa Climate (antoine poincaré) and La Jolie prod (olivier joulie & coline tison), here is a brilliant video that details the 4 majors challenges out of the COP 27 and even more importantly what it means for you companies:

1/ Climate Finance: “Are you doing your part on this climate financing? And where should you be investing ?”

2/ Adaptation investments: “In which adaptation project can you invest? And in what configuration (alone or with a public partner) ?”

3/ Adaptation “by design”: “How do you ensure that all your investments today are towards projects that are resilient to climate change ?”

4/ Energy: “What is your dependency on fossil fuels today, and how can you exit of it in a short term ?”

You should watch the video to understand the 4 of them in more details.

COP27 made a historical move forward by creating a fund… yet unfortunately without enough money. Good news: this is exactly where the private sector can help with money and even more importantly concrete actions.

It’s time for the private sector to accelerate a transition that governments are sadly too slow to operate. It’s time for the private sector to become the positive force behind the operation of this transition.

We don’t need roads. We do need bold moves.

Link to the video presented by Jaya Oswal:

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