Food waste

This might ruin your appetite but did you know that nearly half of the food produced in the world is thrown away ?

Experts estimates that the need for food in the world will double by 2050 and that 600 million more people could go hungry by 2080 due to climate change.

And this tremendous amount of food waste also has other consequences :

  • 20% of a French CO2 emissions comes from feeding.
  • Did you know that it takes 1,000 liters of water to produce one kilo of flour ? Each loaf of bread thrown in the trash then corresponds to an entire bathtub.

To bring your appetite back, we have a good news : at WDNR we are convinced that the private sector can be a force for good!

Some initiatives already exists and are giving some serious bites :

1/ To good to go has been a pioneer connecting committed businesses and users of the application to allow them to collect unsold products. It has been followed by Phenix giving life to unsold products via donation to associations, promotion of short-dated products, animal feed, etc…

2/Even cheaper and more ecological : Hors Normes decided to tackle the issue earlier in the chain with subscription to baskets of unsold organic fruit and vegetables directly from the producers. They also might sell it to companies like Beesk which is buying and selling out of shape but perfectly eatable vegetables to collective and commercial catering services.

3/ However, the end of the chain is also very important since it represents more than 50% of wastes. Just Eat together with the Sustainable Restaurant Association decided to fight against food waste by guiding the consumer to cook leftovers from his fridge, manage his expiry dates with ease as well as giving advices on how to organise the kitchen and groceries habits to reduce drastically the wastes.

We don’t need to be wasting our efforts. We do need to keep our appetite for change.

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